About us

About fund

Our investment fund dates back to 2021 when Roman Doroshenko and Stanimir Dobrev joined forces to help talented leaders and entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and break new ground.

Roman Doroshenko
Roman Doroshenko
Entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and creating of digital products. Deeply involved in portfolio development by sharing expertise and resources, Head of Investment Committee
Stanimir Dobrev
Stanimir Dobrev
Top manager with 9 years of experience in finance and 7 years of operational management of global digital projects with a focus on the international market. Leading the key processes of the Fund
NetSolid Investments continuously employs specialists and experts  in various fields including investment management, finance, business litigation, HR, affiliate marketing, SEO, PR and many more.

Meet our team

Dmytro Reka Dmytro Reka
Dmytro Reka
Investment Associate

Specialist with 7 years of experience in both buy- and sell-side investments with a background as in-house and consulting expert. Responsible for deal making and portfolio management

Anna-Mariia Vynnytska Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Finance Manager

5 years of experience in accounting and financial management for IT and digital marketing companies. Manage portfolio companies financial accounting, payments, reporting and compliance

Yuliia Vlasenko Yuliia Vlasenko
Yuliia Vlasenko
HR Business Partner

Leads talent for our Companies and the Fund. Responsible for developing the talent network, recruiting, human capital and organizational talent initiatives

Olga Polishchuk Olga Polishchuk
Olga Polishchuk
Chief Legal Officer

Experienced in international law and proficient in legal counselling clients from IT, fintech and e-commerce
Advising on daily matters and committed to find the best legal solution for your project

Karyna Mykolenko Karyna Mykolenko
Karyna Mykolenko

Team recruitment and development specialist. Responsible for recruitment processes and building a recruiting structure of the Fund and portfolio companies

From idea to success

Indeed, NetSolid Investments from an idea become a fund with number of portfolios. Because we:
We have years of experience
We know how to run a business in the best way possible
We see development opportunities and make the most of them
We help partners and founders reach new levels and conquer the world

Support the talents

We provide assistance and support to leaders, entrepreneurs and representatives of business in the field of digital marketing and IT
To build profitable businesses
To find their own vector of opportunity
To move towards leadership and excel in niche areas

The niches we focus on

  • digital marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • traffic products
  • marketplaces
  • platforms
  • SaaS
  • Apps
  • other IT products*
*Other types of projects can be considered depending on our assessment

Capital, expertise and mentoring are what we invest in start-ups.

We give preference to outstanding projects and persistent funders to help them do the following:
  • Create an idea based on a hypothesis with a product based on an idea.
  • Improve their market understanding and strengthen their competitive edge.
  • Understand the optimal business model.
  • Build a creative, high-performing team of business professionals.
  • Develop a workable strategy and set up operational processes.
  • Attract investment needed for each stage in the company’s life cycle.

Our principles

Providing expertise of exceptional quality;
Integrity, responsibility, building open partnerships;
Treating each business as its own;
Encouraging initiative;
Being proactive to new opportunities.
With our help, founders grow into confident business players and leaders in their respective niches.
We work for the future, where strong and independent projects make every effort to become global leaders in their chosen fields and unite into a major hub of digital marketing businesses.
Are you confident about your project? We are waiting for you!