We add value in more
than just a financial sense

We Focus On Digital Marketing & Traffic Projects

With capital infusion, we help entrepreneurs find new revenue streams, achieve operational efficiency, and get the best partners from around the world
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Our focus

  • MarTech
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Traffic products
  • Marketplaces
  • Platforms
  • iGaming
  • Apps
  • other IT products*
* Other types of projects can be considered depending on our assessment


Digital marketing company that generates high-quality leads for iGaming through its own media brands trusted across tier-1 countries. The company joined the Fund’s portfolio as a contribution made by Limited Partners
IT company that creates iGaming products and marketing services
Company that creates and promotes affiliate websites and provides tier-1 iGaming operators with digital marketing services
Affiliate marketing company in iGaming, specializing in SEO traffic
Multilingual real-time streams and analytics of esports events
A multilingual support company specializing in customer service with a strong focus on sales and conversions
Global betting navigator. Latest news, insights and expert guides
Mobile app development studio highly experienced in media buying with their debut healthcare project Nurty
Platform displaying ads when connected to public Wi-Fi networks
Marketing platform that helps multi-location businesses manage social media, maintain brand integrity, and improve online findability
SlotCatalog - Information analytical resource about games for online casino
LinksLab - high-quality links market based on TIER1 regional domains, SaaS for Private Blog Network creation and management.
Boosty Labs
Outsource and outstaff blockchain, fintech and cloud engineering company with 10 years of experience

Investment approach


Venture Building

We support exceptional marketing specialists that foresee impressive growth in niches and themselves as new leaders there. Typically testing of hypotheses requires up to USD 50 000 and a professional working environment

Early Stage

We’re interested in helping growing projects with early signs of success to accelerate growth and become the global business of tomorrow. We’re leading deals or doing co-investments with USD 200 000 — 1 500 000 checks at the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages

Private Equity

We may consider funding sustainably profitable businesses that already found a strong market fit and can benefit from our marketing expertise as well as synergies with our portfolio companies. The amount of funding depends on today’s needs of business and may be anywhere from USD 500 000 to 1 500 000

Who Get Funded

Venture Building

up to $50,000
  • Founder – skilled expert
  • Project description
  • Business hypothesis description
  • Detailed budget
  • Brief business plan


up to $200,000
  • Dedicated founders
  • Lists of potential clients
  • MVP
  • Financial mode
  • Short-term strategy of end product and acquisition of first clients


up to $600,000
  • Core team
  • Launched product
  • First clients/revenue
  • Financial model & sales channel statistics
  • Mid-term strategy of achieving break-even and scaling

Series A

up to $1,500,000
  • C-level team
  • Product with solid traction
  • Growing revenue
  • Full P&L and break-even
  • Long-term strategy of market expansion
We advance companies
in our main areas of expertise

Our Added Value


Operational improvements

We enrich teams with talent
We establish financial sustainability
We provide legal solutions

Fundraising & investor relations

We help raising the next investments rounds
We ensure trustable relationships with investors

Monetization upsides

We help create traffic generation strategies
We find new monetization options
We engage partners that fit best

RoadMap partnership

Project Review
We analyze documents you shared and do a few meetings
Strategy of Partnership
Our experts assess areas of growth. We settle on responsibilities and evaluation
Investment Committee
We make the final decisions. You get a Term Sheet
Due diligence
We examine the legal, financial, and tech state of the project
Signing and Launch
We sign an agreement You receive a money and expertise
We appreciate getting your and your team’s detailed profile, what problem you’re trying to solve, what you’ve achieved so far and how you see our common future
Every application we get we evaluate through a formal process that usually takes several weeks and concludes with a personal reply or meeting


  • We are a Ukraine-based investment fund. Our company invests money and expertise in digital marketing, IT and traffic projects to help young businesses become leaders in their niche as well as on the global stage.
  • Our purpose is to help talented leaders and entrepreneurs reach a whole new level by creating highly profitable digital marketing businesses. We find talented entrepreneurs and promising projects and share with them the formula for a profitable business: mentorship, expertise and resources. Our aspiration is to:
    • Create the largest hub of digital marketing businesses.
    • Ensure that each project is a leader in its niche internationally.
  • We represent a young and ambitious generation of funds of the state-of-the-art European format. Unlike traditional venture capital funds, we invest in growth-oriented businesses not just money, but also SMART money in the form of operational and marketing expertise. After all, we ourselves have come a long way: from the idea to profitable projects and businesses. Our company is constantly expanding its range of expertise to provide effective support to start-ups to become leaders in their niches. In addition, we differ from classical funds by being selective with regard to the projects we are ready to work with. While Venture Capital invests primarily in early and growth-stage projects, Private Equity prefers mature companies. As far as our Fund is concerned, we have four investment programs designed for companies at various stages of their life cycle, including even the idea stage.
  • The main thing is that we invest not only money but also expertise. We have our own experience in creating successful businesses and we are ready to share our knowledge and skills. We provide advice and assistance in starting and setting up business processes and teach you how to build a business. This means that we don’t just invest money in a project, but make every effort to make it work at its best.

Meet Our Team

Roman Doroshenko Roman Doroshenko
Roman Doroshenko
General Partner

Entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and creating of digital products. Deeply involved in portfolio development by sharing expertise and resources, Head of Investment Committee

Stanimir Dobrev Stanimir Dobrev
Stanimir Dobrev
Managing Partner

Top manager with 9 years of experience in finance and 7 years of operational management of global digital projects with a focus on the international market. Leading the key processes of the Fund

Dmytro Skrypnyk Dmytro Skrypnyk
Dmytro Skrypnyk
Deputy Managing Partner

TOP manager and specialist in conducting international business and crisis management.
He worked for more than 10 years in management positions (including 7 years as a top manager) in various areas of business.

Andriy Timoshenko Andriy Timoshenko
Andriy Timoshenko
SEO Strategist

15 years in SEO. He helps portfolio companies to create and implement SEO strategies. He is responsible for evaluating potential deals in the SEO part, provides exchanging best SEO practices between portfolio companies

Anna-Mariia Vynnytska Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Deputy Head of Finance

5 years of experience in accounting and financial management for IT and digital marketing companies. Manage portfolio companies financial accounting, payments, reporting and compliance

Yuliia Vlasenko Yuliia Vlasenko
Yuliia Vlasenko
HR Business Partner

Leads talent for our Companies and the Fund. Responsible for developing the talent network, recruiting, human capital and organizational talent initiatives

Karyna Mykolenko Karyna Mykolenko
Karyna Mykolenko
Recruitment Team Lead

Team recruitment and development specialist. Responsible for recruitment processes and building a recruiting structure of the Fund and portfolio companies

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