Andriy Timoshenko:

15 years in SEO. He helps portfolio companies to create and implement SEO strategies. He is responsible for evaluating potential deals in the SEO part, provides exchanging best SEO practices between portfolio companies

Andriy Timoshenko
Andriy Timoshenko has been working in SEO since 2007 and dealing with multi-language website promotion since 2014. He has managed teams working on the promotion of projects in highly competitive niches such as e-commerce, b2b, iGaming, finance, software, and SaaS.
  • Worked as an SEO specialist as well as a contextual advertising specialist.
  • Has been in management since 2015, and in that time has assembled more than 10 SEO teams working on projects in Tier-1 countries.
  • From 2019 to 2022 he was Head of SEO at Seoprofy.
  • Specializes in working in highly competitive niches.
  • Since 2019 is a regular speaker at conferences such as NaZapad, WebPromo SEO Day, and Collaborator.
Areas of professional implementation: search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, team management, creating and launching projects where SEO is the main traffic channel.
Role in the Fund
Assists foundation teams with the development and implementation of effective SEO strategies and strategic and management issues.

Andriy is also responsible for the SEO evaluation of potential fund projects.

He ensures the sharing of knowledge and best SEO practices among the foundation teams.

Andriy enjoys intellectual and board games as well as being an outdoorsman. He considers SEO and digital marketing not only his profession but also his favorite pastime.

Meet Our Team

Roman Doroshenko Roman Doroshenko
Roman Doroshenko
General Partner

Entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and creating of digital products. Deeply involved in portfolio development by sharing expertise and resources, Head of Investment Committee

Stanimir Dobrev Stanimir Dobrev
Stanimir Dobrev
Managing Partner

Top manager with 9 years of experience in finance and 7 years of operational management of global digital projects with a focus on the international market. Leading the key processes of the Fund

Dmytro Skrypnyk Dmytro Skrypnyk
Dmytro Skrypnyk
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TOP manager and specialist in conducting international business and crisis management.
He worked for more than 10 years in management positions (including 7 years as a top manager) in various areas of business.

Anna-Mariia Vynnytska Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Deputy Head of Finance

5 years of experience in accounting and financial management for IT and digital marketing companies. Manage portfolio companies financial accounting, payments, reporting and compliance

Yuliia Vlasenko Yuliia Vlasenko
Yuliia Vlasenko
HR Business Partner

Leads talent for our Companies and the Fund. Responsible for developing the talent network, recruiting, human capital and organizational talent initiatives

Karyna Mykolenko Karyna Mykolenko
Karyna Mykolenko
Recruitment Team Lead

Team recruitment and development specialist. Responsible for recruitment processes and building a recruiting structure of the Fund and portfolio companies