We conducted a quick interview with the Investment Manager of the Fund to find out what attracts him to the world of investment and how to understand that this is the right job for you.

What is your role at the Fund?

I assist in the search for investment opportunities as well as their valuation and transaction management. I am also involved in the development and monitoring of portfolio companies.

The Fund is constantly reviewing new companies coming in from various sources. We also proactively get to know various companies and offer our own ideas for their development. Moreover, we actively network with other funds.

NetSolid partners make decisions based on data and analysis. As for the role of the investment department, it is to calculate the budgets and payback of different initiatives, describe different scenarios and propose the most effective solutions.

We are also closely involved in the development of portfolio companies. The investment department helps to analyze their dynamics, identify factors constraining their growth, and react promptly to various challenges.

What goals do you set for yourself in your work?

Helping partners make investment decisions based on analysis as much as possible is my main goal.

The main goal of the Fund is to ensure that the portfolio's capitalization is constantly increasing. So, all my efforts are aimed at finding the most profitable projects as well as increasing the capitalization of existing ones.

Why did you choose this profession?

An investment career appeals to me because of the variety of tasks and the significant opportunities to be proactive. Furthermore, when you are constantly in contact with entrepreneurs, you improve your understanding of business and the surrounding world considerably. Finally, working in investment is an exciting experience.

What was your career path prior to joining the Fund?

During my career in investments, I gained experience both as an investor and as a representative of investment projects. I have been involved in investment deals in various areas: digital, telecom, capital markets, real estate and manufacturing.

Typically, people who have experience in investment modelling, market analysis and corporate finance come to investment funds. Generally speaking, these are people who know how to be proactive and productive.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a career in investments?
A clear vision of how you see yourself in the future is essential for someone who wants to work in this field. My advice is simple: search Instagram for people who have had the most success in this profession and ask yourself if you would like to have this lifestyle.

Why do you love the Fund?

By setting very ambitious goals, NetSolid Investments quite practically demonstrates a high business culture.

At NetSolid, both the partners and the key team are already at a place where there is confidence in the future and an expectation that in the near future, we will build a company we can be proud of.

Which three apps on your smartphone do you find most useful?

BA Plus Pro, UrbanDictionary, and Audible.

Will you share with us your personal recipe for joy?

The real joy is in working hard and being productive when its results allow you to take care of the people you love.

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