We wish our friends, colleagues and partners a very happy New Year and Christmas!

The past year has changed each and every one of us. It was a new experience that brought us together and made us stronger. We have worked hard to withstand threats, overcome unfavourable conditions and find new opportunities to work and develop the Fund.

By going public, NetSolid has expanded its team, enriched it with experts and great people, and continues to help develop new projects.

We would like to thank everyone who is with us every day, shoulder to shoulder, turning the flames of ideas into the energy of the Ukrainian digital business. And this powerful energy feeds the economy, supports our armed forces and slowly and gradually turns the world toward the realization of our dreams.

2023 is already at our doorstep and during these days, we will surely reach out to our close people despite miles of distance, express our gratitude, remember and support everyone. There is no doubt that our light and warmth are always with us. We can do it and Ukraine too!

We wish inspiration for the small and big things that will build our peaceful future. And also we wish you warm hugs, a little Christmas miracle and happy moments of togetherness.

We will not lose faith in ourselves and in those around us. We are winning every day so that together we can finally achieve the greatest Victory!

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