For most people, the introduction to our Fund starts directly with a meeting with the Recruitment Team Lead. So, it is high time to learn more about Karina Mykolenko: how she views her job, why she believes in Ukrainian start-ups, and what she dreams about.

Why did you choose this profession?

I studied finance and credit at KNEU, and after graduation, of course, I tried my hand at finance, having worked in several IT companies for two and a half years as an Accountant. However, that made me realize that it wasn't the right fit for me.

I joined recruitment as it was more than just a job to talk to people. This profession gives me the opportunity to hone my soft skills and in general, I believe that everyone in today's world should work on improving their soft skills.

As a recruiter, you can't do a 100% effective job interview if you don't know the answers to the questions you're asking an applicant. And to know the answers to these questions, you need to constantly learn and improve your personal and professional skills.

My job is about making new acquaintances every day as well as about unexpected things. I enjoy interacting with hundreds and even thousands of new people. Ultimately, it gives me a global understanding that each person is a unique individual and there are no repeats.

What are your professional responsibilities?

At NetSolid Investments, we are all multi-tasking and creative. As the Fund is currently in a dynamic growth phase, there is no fixed and immutable pool of tasks that I have to perform.

My main goal is to attract new talent to the teams. And at the same time, the Fund's recruiting team helps to shape the recruiting processes for investment projects as well as implement a recruitment system for them.

How long have you been with the Fund?

I joined the Fund in January 2022, having come here on a recommendation. I couldn't resist the prospects of this company that I really see and believe in.

Why do you love the Fund?

NetSolid Investments has become the place for me where I really understand the magnitude of the prospects for my realization as a professional. I am inspired by the idea of being one of the first to create something cool together with a team like this.

Do you believe in Ukrainian start-ups?

I believe in Ukrainians and that we create the best products!

How does your work change the world around us?

I help people to find jobs and grow in teams where the values and views of the majority correspond to the vision of each professional.

Do you have your own secret on how to focus on work processes?

No. I have to be multi-tasking by default in my profession, so my ability to focus on workflow is something akin to a built-in function.

What is a source of inspiration for you?

I belong to the category of people who are inspired by their own development and the possibilities hidden in the future.

Then let's talk a bit about the future: what is your dream?

Right now, all of us are dreaming about the end of war and peace. And when that happens, I want to learn how to make and implement plans.

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