The fund supported Apme and its first mobile app, Nutry. Uploaded to the App Store, Nutry received a global score of 4.68.

At the time of raising the investment, the Nutry project had a full-fledged product with more than 1 year of traction in the target market. The partners of NetSolid Foundation were personally acquainted with Dmytro Nalbat, Apme's founder and CEO, long before the agreement was made. For a full year, the Fund team had the opportunity to observe the development of the Nutry app from launch to hypothesis testing.

The Nutry idea is based on the personal story of the founder, Dmytro, who improved his health through the practices employed at the heart of the app.

Apme is a platform focused on creating a family of mobile products for physical and mental health monitoring as well as for educational projects.

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