NaZahid 21: SEO Conference on Promoting Products and Services to Western Markets

The biggest online conference NaZahid will be held on December 16 at 9:00 am and will gather the most relevant information from the SEO industry experts.

Roman Doroshenko, General Partner at NetSolid Investments, will participate in the Q&A session.

You can register for the conference directly on the website, it is free of charge.

What is NaZahid 21?

NaZahid 21 is more than just a conference. It is a Ukrainian language community focused on the promotion of different business spheres.

  • A fresh perspective on promotion methods and cases of the most prominent experts.
  • Opportunity to participate free of charge (after preliminary registration on the website) and to ask questions to the speakers live.
  • Unique materials that have never been presented at any event before.
  • The main topics raised at the conference: SEO, PR, Brand Reputation, Management in SEO and own business.
  • Pleasant presents from the partners.

Speakers of the Conference:

  • Roman Doroshenko (CEO of Zeeks and General Partner at NetSolid Investments) will speak in a Q&A session format.
  • Dmytro Bondar (CEO and co-founder of Boosta) will reflect on Management in SEO.
  • Julia Petryk (PR & Comms Lead at MacPaw) will share the cases in the field of PR and Reputation.
  • Yaroslav Baklan (Marketing partner in Boosta) will talk about how to build a company that will be attractive to SEO experts.
  • Alex Drew (CEO, Co-Founder at
  • Vladislav Bodashko and Oleksandr Belevets will discuss the SEO analysis of the niche to quickly assess whether there is money or not in terms of SEO.
  • Jason Barnard (Founder and CEO of Kalicube) - Google's Three Main Knowledge Algorithms: How They Work and What You Can Do to Take Advantage.

The goal of the conference is to provide attendees with pertinent topics on how to retain and grow skills on a war footing, with a focus on highly relevant issues for entering Western markets.

This Conference Will be Useful for:

  • SEO specialists, affiliate marketers, and webmasters looking to grow further;
  • Entrepreneurs who are seeking organic traffic and looking to increase their regular customer traffic through Google.
  • Internet marketers looking to grow in the digital marketing sphere;
  • Professionals who are looking to work in SEO;
  • All those who work in online promotion and want to improve their skills.

After registration, the participant will have a free invitation to the online conference with an opportunity to ask questions live. In addition, conference participants have a chance to win a gift from our partners.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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