What helps one person to take on the tasks of building a PR strategy, creating newsworthy and creative content, managing SMM, promoting a company, and organizing events? How does working in an investment fund appeal to a creative person? We asked Olesya Nakonechnaya, PR Manager of the Foundation, about all that and more.

How did you get into the Fund?

I joined here by chance. I just saw a post one day that the company was looking for a PR manager in the Facebook feed.

Why did you choose this profession at all?

Having drawn, and written poems and short stories, I felt creative since childhood. I dreamt of becoming a journalist and filmmaker and I also liked the idea of becoming a psychologist. However, I graduated as a business economist, so I chose to be a PR manager as a combination of all these things.

To be honest, at first, I imagined working as a PR manager as a real holiday with events, parties and meeting interesting people. And these things are really present in my work, however, it is something like a ball for Cinderella because before you get to it, you have to go through several buckets with grains. That is, serious preparation with thinking through all the details are necessary before every public appearance.

What is on your to-do list at the Fund?

I have an extensive list of responsibilities. First and foremost, I have to communicate with all the stakeholders, i.e., team members, journalists, editors and various organizations. I am also involved in brand packaging, i.e., interacting with web developers and web designers, copywriters and layout designers, SEO and SMM specialists.

In general, my responsibilities are to set tasks, monitor execution, generate ideas and much more.

So, do you like your job? And if so, what do you enjoy about it?

I love the opportunity to generate ideas, discuss them with a loyal management team and bring them to life. There's no rigid framework, so I feel free!

I enjoy working in a positive team with great professionals - we have super experts in their fields! I like to make my own decisions and influence the processes as well as almost unlimited opportunities for self-development.

One more thing I like about the Fund is that it supports a lot of social and charitable projects, thus helping to change the world for the better. I love the Fund for its European management style, modernity, flexibility, simplicity in communication and business processes, consistency and structured work.

Do you think your work is changing the world?

Yes, and I'm sure it does. A PR manager is not just about creating beautiful brands, appropriate messaging and telling interesting stories. We really help companies to be sincere, open and socially responsible.

In addition, we help companies develop, and this drives the economy forward.

Can you share your professional talents?

I can do a little bit of everything: come up with ideas, generate content, organize processes and communicate. However, what I love most is creating PR strategies.

What do you do to focus on work processes?

It's like a full-fledged ritual for me: first I drink a cup of coffee outside, listen to the rustling of leaves and grass, watch butterflies or birds, and hike laps around the building. And the moment new ideas pop into my head, I run to my laptop to write them down, and so I get involved in the work process.

What is a source of inspiration for you?

I try to observe a lot of different things. I've noticed that sometimes ideas come up in completely unexpected places: when I'm hiking in the mountains or picking flowers.

There are times when I'm at a coffee shop just to relax, and instead of a cup of coffee and an interior, I see an idea for a new post or the like. And then I ask the barista for a pen or just open my notes on my phone to write down the idea.

Why do you believe in Ukrainian start-ups?

Ukraine has a lot of talented and hardworking people, especially in the IT field, and they are in high demand all over the world.

What is your dream?

First, I want the war to end. And then I will start making my dreams from the past come true: to have my own house with a garden and a swing set, to start a family, and, of course, to travel a lot. However, I want to have a place to come back to after each such journey... To have a home that gives me warmth and peace of mind.

My dream is to return to the path I walked before the war, but with a different awareness and with even stronger emotions every day, knowing that every new day is a great Gift!

What is your recipe for joy?

The more experienced, the better! I want to see the world in all its diversity, to discover all its facets, to open every page, to taste, smell, touch, and colour. To absorb all the subtleties of emotion, to breathe in and feel...

What foods are always in your fridge?

Something from Italian cuisine.

What is your favorite music, film, literary or cinematic character?

I prefer the sounds of nature to music and real life with its unpredictable plots (unfortunately, not always in a positive way) to films and cartoons.

However, I do have a favorite character. Growing up, I thought I was like Pippi Longstocking, as I also have a complicated character and strive for autonomy - seeking to make all decisions on my own. I was also very fond of making a lot of unconventional decisions.

If you were offered a superpower, what would you choose?

The ability to turn people filled with evil into good.

What is your life credo?

"You are mature if you are given poison, you radiate goodness instead, no matter what. After all, that's your way of life!"

I believe that we came into this world to change and improve, to be filled with light and love. So that at the end of our life journey, there are no negative things or even a hint of evil, but only a desire to give goodness!

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