We interviewed Olga Polishchuk, Chief Legal Officer, discussing an unexpected way of combining creativity and knowledge of foreign languages, her own view of her work as a legal adviser and her contribution to the common cause.

How did you end up at the Fund?

It didn't happen all at once, in stages. I joined Roman's team (Roman Doroshenko, General Partner at NetSolid Investments) in another company and worked in parallel on the tasks of the Fund, which was just starting up.

After some time, I realized that the Fund offers more room to grow, so now I am making a plan to transfer the other cases to focus solely on the Fund.

What I like most about this company is its atmosphere. I also appreciate the Fund because it gives me, as a professional, the opportunity to practice my best qualities and improve on my weaknesses. Most importantly, creativity and initiative are always encouraged here.

Is your work directly related to your education now?

Yes, I have two degrees - an international lawyer and a translator. I always dreamed of doing creative work and also wanted to learn foreign languages. And once I realized that the international law specialization combines these two demands. So, I have never regretted my career choice.

Working in an online business, you have to keep a lot of skills and knowledge of foreign languages, along with the ability to find very creative solutions to complex problems.

What do your professional duties include?

On the one hand, I have a very well-organized scope of work which includes reviewing contracts, establishing legal entities, opening bank accounts, protecting intellectual property rights, legal consultancy and other things that ordinary lawyers do.

On the other hand, my list of responsibilities includes some other very interesting tasks. For example, I work to minimize risks for the company, contribute to making projects work, persuade, reassure and impress anyone. It doesn't have much to do with normal legal work, but I do perform these tasks.

My experience includes work in almost all areas and with almost all legal practices, and it is only now that I realize that I am doing what I really enjoy.

So, do you like your job? In what way exactly?

I have a very dynamic job, and it suits my rhythm of life. Although NetSolid Investments was only established a year ago, I have the impression of working here forever because of the abundance of projects and initiatives, as well as their diversity. However, it's like being among friends and I feel like I'm in my flow.

Moreover, I enjoy seeing the result of the work and here I really feel my contribution to the common cause. That's what inspires and encourages me.

Why do you believe in Ukrainian start-ups?

Because they are led by brave and intelligent people, and the future belongs to such people.

Let's think globally. Do you think your profession is changing the world?

I think that lawyers have no direct impact on the world around them, but merely help to bring certain things and events to life. Whether and how a project works mostly depends on how a lawyer assesses a business/activity, how well he/she knows a certain field, and how diligently he/she does his/her job.

Long ago, I wanted to make a direct impact as a lawyer, so I started working in international humanitarian law at an NGO. However, over time, I realized that I could be of use to society regardless of my profession, so I only engage in such consultancy work pro bono.

What do you think is your personal professional talent?

I can take a huge document and compress it significantly in composition, putting all the important points on a page or even a part of it. I know how to write a contract infographic.

Do you have your own secret on how to focus on your work?

I change the type of activity. I only draw up complex contracts in one go on extremely rare occasions, as a fresh look allows me to see the task at hand in a new way, discover the subtleties and make things much better.

What are your plans for the next five years?

From the perspective of my professional activities, I would like to implement all of the Fund's objectives aimed at the American market. I would also like to continue my training and qualification in IP law.

What certificates and honours do you have?

I am a trainer for Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, the largest international law competition in the world (I participated in this competition as a student).

I also have a letter of appreciation from President Obama for my contribution to democracy.

Do you have your own recipe for a tiny bit of happiness in life?

For me, it's a delicious dinner with nice people or an evening workout. I play a lot of tennis and enjoy functional ballet.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like cooking Ukrainian cuisine. The most enjoyable thing is cooking for guests, but I always have stuffed cabbage rolls, varenyky or borscht in my fridge.

What is your dream?

Of course, about the victory of Ukraine in this war.

What is your life credo?

Nothing is impossible for the willing heart.

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