Our blog has a separate section dedicated to the people who move our Foundation forward. All of them are extraordinary individuals who spend a lot of time on important cases where they have developed expertise. We would like to introduce you to Roman Doroshenko, the General Partner and one of the founders of the Fund. An investor and entrepreneur, Roman has 11 years of experience in marketing and building digital products. An organization manager by training, he boasts experience in working with several successful digital businesses, and founding the Fund is a logical step in his professional development. We conducted a rapid questionnaire, focusing on logic in business and everyday life, as well as personal skills and preferences.

What responsibilities do you have as General Partner at the Fund?

I am directly involved in evaluating projects and making final decisions as to which projects and on what terms will be included in our investment portfolio. I am also responsible for shaping the company's strategy.

What do you enjoy most about this job?

I enjoy broadening my horizons in different business areas, and helping entrepreneurs develop and grow. I am inspired by meeting talented people, real chances to improve people's lives in some respects and generally change the world for the better. If we talk about Ukrainian businesses, we are helping to increase the number of successful entrepreneurs and consequently improve the economy of the country. This is especially important in the current times.

So, do you believe in Ukrainian start-ups?

There are people behind every Ukrainian start-up, and they are Ukrainians. I believe in these people absolutely. I believe that there are many people in Ukraine who have not unlocked their potential. And it's a matter of time and effort before this potential is unleashed and becomes worldwide. Including our efforts as a Fund.

What do you consider to be your strengths and professional qualities?

I think my greatest strengths are my marketing skills and my ability to manage a team. I have a knack for analysis and cause-and-effect relationships, and this habit helps me a lot with my work. My pet peeve is not settling for a satisfactory result, as I always strive for the exceptional one. However, I am the first to be willing to put in the effort. And apparently, that's why my career is advancing much faster than I am, and I always have to catch up.

Do you have any personal secrets about how to focus on the workplace?

I don't have any secret - I just minimize distractions. I like to work with my headphones on. And I assign tasks to keep track of schedules and deadlines to Google Calendar.

What other digital services do you use on a daily basis?

My personal list includes Diia and Apple Wallet - I like to have all my documents, pictures and tickets in electronic format. I also use Telegram for communication and Google Maps for travel.

What dreams and plans do you have for the next five years?

The first thing I dream about right now is the end of war and pandemics. Peace, personal security and health are basic conditions for both individuals and businesses to grow and develop. As for me personally, I have the following plans:

  • Don't give yourself up completely to businesses to devote more time to your family.
  • Grow my capitalization to $100M+.
  • Visit 30-40 countries I haven't been to yet.

Do you have your own recipe for a great vacation?

The ingredients of my recipe are good people, nice weather and unusual nature - from the tropics to the desert - plus a bit of carefree attitude.

If you were offered a superpower, what would you choose?

The ability to stop the passage of time.

Do you have a life credo?

Anything is possible, but each thing has its own price.

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