As the Fund's first project, BetCare has more than doubled in one year, returned its investment and continues to grow strongly. Operating internationally, the company provides multilingual support, engagement and re-engagement services to customers in the iGaming industry.

BetCare specializes in working with users at all stages: Support/Sales, KYC, Payment processes, and VIP service. It provides a multilingual service and focuses on user conversion and reactivation.

Like many start-ups, BetCare needed investment at the beginning. With a business idea, a start-up plan and a small team including a few professionals, the company's founder approached NetSolid Investments. To develop the company, it not only needed investment, but also objective appraisal, networking, legal and financial consulting.

"To be successful, every good idea had to be backed up by dry numbers and cold calculations. We realized that one of the most important tasks of the initial phase was to understand the company's development stages, as well as the appropriate allocation of investments," said Pavlo Buyanov, CEO & Co-founder of BetCare.

With NetSolid Investments, the company has gone the full path of formation: from the first customers and revenues, building internal infrastructure, forming departments and operational processes to a full return on the investment raised.

"Talking to Roman (General Partner - editor's note), Stanimir (Managing Partner - editor's note) and Dmytro (Investment Manager - editor's note) helped me identify the potential of an idea and see the company environment from their perspective, and that really made a huge difference.

What made NetSolid Investments stand out was that I did not need to hire an in-house lawyer and a financier. Anna-Maria (Finance Manager - editor's note) and Olga (Chief Legal Officer - editor's note) made every effort to cover all our flowing needs and were always aware of all the processes. And this was very convenient, helped to minimize financial costs and generally made our work much easier," says Pavlo Buyanov.

Consultations with NetSolid Investments' top managers helped the company create a balanced development strategy, generate new business ideas and attract clients. Thanks to the Fund's subject matter experts' assistance in ensuring all financial and legal processes, the company was able to save money at the initial stage, achieve a return on investment faster than planned, and form optimal in-house units over time.

"We invested in this project because it fully met our requirements, i.e. we dealt with a team of experts with a deep understanding of the market and the product. Pavlo had a fairly similar experience as an employee. And his new project is aimed at a billion-dollar market, with a focus on international clients and a desire to create a leading product," said Stanimir Dobrev.

Today BetCare is a multinational team of more than 30 experts working 24/7 in 8 languages in multiple countries. With its expertise in multiple brands and platforms, the company provides businesses with operational management consulting services.

As a digital marketing company, BetCare has already reached the most significant milestone in its development - multiplying profits and scaling up to new markets, products and GEOs.

"The results of the current phase will determine whether the company manages to become a really big and important player in the market or will settle for a local position. However, to be honest, we are not even considering the second option," said Pavlo Buyanov, CEO & Co-founder of BetCare.

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