We asked Stanimir Dobrev, co-founder and Managing Partner of our Fund, about his hidden talents and ability to turn dreams into reality.

Stanimir Dobrev is a senior executive with 9 years of experience in finance and 7 years of experience in the operational management of digital projects with a focus on international markets. He has taken over the management of the key functions of the Fund.

How long have you been with NetSolid Investments?

I have been working since the beginning as Roman and I are the co-founders of the Fund.

What is your role as Managing Partner?

Managing the fund, developing and overseeing the implementation of the strategy, managing the financial results, the team and the processes. I am also responsible for enquiring about portfolio projects, finding and implementing new opportunities/projects.

Why did you choose this particular profession?

To tell the truth, I dreamt of becoming an investment banker since I was a teenager, but I had no idea what the profession was at that time. And with each step, from studying to career advancement, I came closer to my dream.

  • I graduated from CNEU in Finance and Banking.
  • I worked as an economist in the head office of a Ukrainian bank.
  • Then I tried my hand as a financial analyst, manager and financial director.
  • Next, I managed other operational areas.
  • The next milestone was organizing the work of investment projects and companies in which my employers invested. I was the first to enter such projects and organize the processes.
  • Then I was advising individual areas of investment projects/companies to implement their strategies.

In general, I believe that one can achieve good results in any line of business if he/she invests enough energy, time and resources in it.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love bringing together the best experts around the Fund, ambitious entrepreneurs who aspire to conquer the world and share with each other the opportunities for such conquest. In simple words, I love realizing our mission.

Why do you love the Fund?

For the opportunities, it gives to achieve ambitious goals.
For the teams and people that NetSolid Investments brings together.
For the opportunity to turn ideas into reality.

How does your business change the world?

It's simple: we manage the Fund, which in turn helps to build businesses, create new jobs and develop the economy.

What inspires you in your work?

I've been lucky enough to go from small products to niche/industry leaders with several companies. When you contribute to such development, help or support in one way or another in this process, it is highly motivating and inspiring. I am also energized by the way my partners grow and develop.

What professional talents and strengths do you have?

I organize processes and teams, have experience in strategic planning and know how to implement strategies.
When interacting with people, I am always set up for a win-win result.
I can see unobvious opportunities in all information and take every event as an experience or a definite chance.

What do you do to focus on work processes?

I don't do anything specifically for that. I focus very much on strategy and people say I am hyper-responsible.

What makes you believe in Ukrainian start-ups?

Each time I have travelled and lived in other countries, I have become more and more convinced that Ukrainians are one of the hardest-working nations. Also, Ukrainians have a special talent for finding strong solutions. We are smart and flexible, and I am sure that we will be followed by many others.

What is your dream?

The victory of Ukraine.

Do you have big plans for the next five years?

I plan to devote more attention to my family and to make the Fund one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market.

Do you have your own recipe for feeling the joy of life?

My recipe is to stay in the moment and act decisively. Also, I never keep things in my mind that drain me mentally.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love travelling, playing football and I'm into board sports (snowboarding, wakesurfing and others). I also collect banknotes and coins. I already have all banknotes of Ukraine for the whole period of independence and banknotes of about half of the countries in the world.

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