Victor Borynets, an SEO Strategist at our Fund, has two degrees, a penchant for making unconventional decisions and using a systematic approach. We interviewed Victor to find out about his professional stunts, life principles and hobbies.

What is your educational background?

I have two degrees: I am a programmer and a psychologist.

What was the reason for choosing such professions?

I like to understand how things work and to repair or improve them.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

I have had many dreams as a child. My biggest dream was to become an inventor and create new technology. I also dreamt of inventing the time machine, and I wrote a research paper on the subject for the Minor Academy of Sciences.

What are your responsibilities as an SEO Strategist?

I strive to make the SEO directions of the Fund more productive and bring them in line with the latest market trends. I also work to develop the internal SEO community and help where others have no idea what needs to be done.

Can you tell us a fun fact about your career life?

Back in 2011, in order to get a position as head of SEO, I developed a website and promoted it with the query "head of SEO" so that it got to the top of the SERPs. I simply made a business card website with a google form and this search query without placing contact information. The employer dropped any questions about my candidacy.

Do you think your profession changes the world around you, and in what way if it does?

It's not an easy question for an SEO specialist, but I have an answer as I often think about it. In simple terms, we help businesses find their customers and establish a rapport with them, and that makes both parties happier.

Moreover, when a business becomes known, it contributes to the economy and public life - and this certainly applies to our Fund as we make an effort to do so too.

Why do you love the Fund?

As I often say, we are the new generation of businessmen. It's not just a 'galley' or a regular commercial business. We are a group of people who come together to do great things and help each other make all personal and collective goals come true.

Why do you believe in Ukrainian start-ups?

I believe that faith is something that doesn't require any arguments, because it's about what you know in your heart. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any religion in the world.

What inspires you in your work and what do you enjoy the most?

I am primarily inspired by cool people who energize me with their drive. I also get a rush of satisfaction when I hear that my work is benefiting someone.

Most of all I love people, and I have the best co-workers!

What professional talents and skills do you have?

I am good at seeing systemic things and cutting out the unnecessary.

What do you do to focus on your work processes?

I change my workplace, switch briefly and listen to music.

What are your favourite and most useful apps on your phone?

I think lists of favourite and useful apps would be different for me. Some of my most used - and therefore favourites - are YouTube, Telegram, Instagram and FB. The most useful apps for me are Notes, Monobank and Calendar.

What is your dream?

For the Russian Federation to cease to exist in its own right, i.e. to become another country or to break up into several smaller ones.
I have long ago stopped dreaming simply of peace, as we will not have a normal life as long as the Russian Federation exists in its current form.
Unfortunately, I have no military experience, which is why I am currently in Kyiv. But I've been doing volunteer work since the very first days of the military invasion. And I am very grateful to the Fund for not only allowing but encouraging volunteering. Firstly, the Fund has kept my job and my salary. Secondly, my co-workers get involved in my projects, both financially and personally.

What is your life credo?

Get it and do it.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I want to become an opinion leader and an Influencer in my field.

If you could get a superpower, what would you choose?

Absolutely, it would be a second-level superpower. For example, it could be the ability to copy and collect other superheroes' superpowers, take away their superpowers and the like...

Do you have a personal recipe for happiness?

My recipe is simple - make the people around you happy.

Do you have a favourite movie or cartoon? What character do you associate yourself with?

My favourite movie is Fight Club. As for the character, it's Naruto, a boy who without any special abilities overcomes all difficulties through his perseverance to become the best ninja in the world.

What is your favourite music, song or artist?

In today's world, people listen to all kinds of music. However, as for the top 3 artists for me, it would be One in Canoe, Lyapis Trubetskoy (back when Mikhalok was a vocalist) and Tin Sontsya.

What books have influenced you as a person?

Almost all of those I've read. But Victor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" and Roger Zelazny's "The Chronicles of Amber" (which, by the way, is where the second-level superpowers come in) have had the biggest impact on me.

Do you have any hobbies?

I have plenty of them. Among my favourites are strength sports, snowboarding, hiking, tactical and precision shooting.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have two beautiful 'girls' - a cat named Mona, who I got from an animal shelter, and a chihuahua named Amy.

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