Roman Doroshenko:

Entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and creating of digital products. Deeply involved in portfolio development by sharing expertise and resources, Head of Investment Committee

Roman Doroshenko
Developed his career from an SEO and marketing specialist to a Product Owner, multi-business owner and investor.
  • Since 2010, he worked in the IT and SEO sphere and held positions of SEO specialist, contextual advertising specialist, product manager and web analyst (Luxury Cleaning NY, Xvand Technology).
  • While holding the position of International SEO Team Lead at CloneFish, he managed the creation and promotion of several international brands spanning 20+ countries.
  • He is the founder and executive director of SeoWay Inc., a web development, web design, SEO & Adwords, and consulting company.
  • Roman is the creator of WebCensor, an online service that works as a profanity filter for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Founder of Zeeks, an international IT company, specializing in Web development and affiliate marketing with a focus on the iGaming industry.
  • He is the founder of Unilead, an IT start-up specializing in the development of SaaS products to increase efficiency in affiliate marketing.
Areas of professional implementation: marketing, product creation, team management, search engine optimization (SEO), business development, and investments.
Role in the Fund
Shapes the fund’s vision and strategy, and acts as a founder. Formulates investment portfolio by evaluating new projects and setting investment and partnership terms. Acts as an expert for projects in areas of strategic management, SEO, marketing, lead generation & conversion. He is a problem solver.
Travels extensively and aims to travel all or at least half of the world. Passionate about amusement park rides, video games with exciting storylines, quest rooms and board games. To get away from work issues and thinking for a while, he prefers cooking and assembling Lego constructors. Roman enjoys reading fiction, biography and business books to inspire personal development. He is convinced that with the right people, effort and time, even the most unusual ideas can come to life. Interested in technological innovation and moneymaking.

Meet Our Team

Stanimir Dobrev Stanimir Dobrev
Stanimir Dobrev
Managing Partner

Top manager with 9 years of experience in finance and 7 years of operational management of global digital projects with a focus on the international market. Leading the key processes of the Fund

Dmytro Skrypnyk Dmytro Skrypnyk
Dmytro Skrypnyk
Deputy Managing Partner

TOP manager and specialist in conducting international business and crisis management.
He worked for more than 10 years in management positions (including 7 years as a top manager) in various areas of business.

Andriy Timoshenko Andriy Timoshenko
Andriy Timoshenko
SEO Strategist

15 years in SEO. He helps portfolio companies to create and implement SEO strategies. He is responsible for evaluating potential deals in the SEO part, provides exchanging best SEO practices between portfolio companies

Anna-Mariia Vynnytska Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Anna-Mariia Vynnytska
Deputy Head of Finance

5 years of experience in accounting and financial management for IT and digital marketing companies. Manage portfolio companies financial accounting, payments, reporting and compliance

Yuliia Vlasenko Yuliia Vlasenko
Yuliia Vlasenko
HR Business Partner

Leads talent for our Companies and the Fund. Responsible for developing the talent network, recruiting, human capital and organizational talent initiatives

Karyna Mykolenko Karyna Mykolenko
Karyna Mykolenko
Recruitment Team Lead

Team recruitment and development specialist. Responsible for recruitment processes and building a recruiting structure of the Fund and portfolio companies